"She's Such-A-Bouquet!"
Musical Comedy

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Can't decide between music or comedy for your next entertainment event?

Get BOTH with the One Woman Show "She's Such-A-Bouquet!". Featuring hit music that you know and love combined with hilarious character comedy refined over two decades of performances, you can't go wrong with this fun-for-all-ages show.

The show stars Dawn Alexis in an all female cast... okay, she's the only female, but you'd never guess it with her uncanny ability to become totally different characters (and in under two minutes per costume change!) Based on characters she has refined in her two decades on the professional stage, Dawn has an extensive background in theatre as well as character improvisation.

You can also feel confident in knowing that with a lifetime of music in her blood, Dawn has always presented a great selection of popular music from the genres of country, rock, swing, and pop. Dawn gained a lot of fans with her memorable performances as Pemmican Pearl 2006 & 2007, showcasing her strong vocal ability as well as her humour and diplomatic nature as this Buffalo Days Provincial Exhibition singing ambassador.

This show presents good clean fun and is also suitable for an audience where children are present. Be ready for the action to come right to your seats as the characters leave the stage to interact with the audience! Utilizing the decades of performing experience in theatre, music, and improv, Dawn Alexis is a powerhouse performer that will delight your audience!

Episode One: An Evening with Frank Somantra

55-minute Show

What happens when the star performer doesn't show? Join a cast of characters lead by Miss Stickler, the woman in charge, to find out in this musical revue comedy that will have you laughing and tapping your feet to such familiar tunes as:

  • Walking After Midnight
  • Lion Sleeps Tonight
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Proud Mary
    and more!

We are also working on a "Pick Your Own Music" form for the show, in which you get to choose the songs you want to hear from a multiple choice list! You tell us if your audience would rather have songs made famous by Shania Twain or Aretha Franklin. Perhaps it's a toss up between Patsy Cline and Tina Turner... you'd be surprised how many people like both!


  • A well-lit stage/performance area, raised at least one to two feet above the audience, a minimum of 15' wide X 10' deep. One set of stairs going into the audience from the stage. Another set of stairs if the backstage area is not on the same level as the stage.
  • A backstage area, curtained to block all light, that is a minimum of 5ft X 10 ft immediately off-stage for costume changes. If you cannot provide this, please let us know.
  • This show may not be the last item in your evening, unless the only other activity is a meal and the show is the main entertainment. Any draws or silent auctions must occur AFTER the show, or may take place during the intermission of a two-act performance.
  • FunTAZM will provide a professional sound technician and all sound and lighting equipment, which is included in the price of the show.
  • A contract is required for this performance.
  • Your floor plan must be approved by FunTAZM to ensure the best audience set-up for sightlines, interaction coverage, and positioning of sound and lighting equipment.
  • Travel fee is applicable outside of Regina, Saskatchewan and calculated according to Google Map distances.
    The travel rate for the One Woman Stage Show is a base rate of $200.00 within 100 kms of the city and $50.00 per 50 kms or portion thereof outside of that radius.
  • A non-refundable deposit of half of your total amount is required to confirm your booking. Remainder of payment is due on date of event.
  • This information is subject to change. Prices do not include GST.

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Live Entertainment for Children

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