Rent-A-Nerd Telegrams™

That's FunTAZ®Schtick!

You know it and love it - Rent-A-Nerd Telegrams make your next occasion FunTAZMemorable!

Delivered in hilarious geeky costume, our telegrams are personalized based on information that you provide about the recipient for the more memorable occasion yet!

Request a Particular Telegram Song
Perhaps you have a song that is special to you, or you know just the right one to get the message across. Just let us know what your selection is and chances are, we already know it! If not, we are able to learn your request if it is provided to us within a reasonable amount of time prior to telegram delivery.
(Reasonable means enough time to learn a new song and also fit into our schedule of availability. Chances are we can do a special request with 3 or more days notice. Booking early is always recommended so that you get your requested time and customizing choice.)

The very best option is having Customized Lyrics that are written about the recipient and sung in their favourite style of music. You provide the details and we provide the personalized song! For this option, enough details must be supplied to us a minimum of 7 t0 10 days in advance and according to our schedule, as we want to have enough time to write you a great song and not just whip something together last minute. Customized Lyrics are presented to the recipient at the time of delivery as a wonderful keepsake for this most memorable moment.

Click here for the Customized Rent-A-Nerd Telegrams™ Questionnaire

All of the above choices are included in your same great rate with no extra charges!

Same-Day/Short Notice Telegram Service
Same-day service is NOT A PROBLEM for non-customized deliveries, but is still dependent upon our availability and the availability of local entertainers near you.

Methods of Payment: We accept cash, cheque, and electronic funds transfer.

Please note: Video recording of Rent-A-Nerd Telegrams™ is by written permission only and only with FunTAZM equipment.
Read our Legal and Copyright Information before you hire.

Rent-A-Character Singing Telegrams: In-Character Delivery

With our exceptional Character Telegram Service, a comedic character mysteriously appears and seems to know that it's a special day! She or he also seems to know an awful lot about the recipient....

Just like our Rent-A-Nerd, this surprise visit utilizes information you provide about the individual by answering an easy questionnaire. Then, a personalized script is written especially for the guest of honour!

Works great for birthdays, anniversaries, stagettes, retirement parties, Get Well wishes, Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day...pretty much any occasion where you want some laughs on that special day!

Character Telegram possibilities include:

  • Clown Delivery (happy visit, makes a balloon hat for recipient)
  • Madame Yes (vampy siren, great for male recipients any age)
  • Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend (for male recipients)
  • Wicked Witch (wicked fun perfect for Halloween)
  • Fortune Teller (any occasion)
  • Funeral Mourner (for milestone birthdays, the end is near!)
  • News Reporter (all occasions)
  • Crazy Nurse/Mad Doctor (all occasions).

Please note: Video recording of Character Telegrams is by written permission only and only using FunTAZM equipment.
Read our Legal and Copyright Information before you hire.

Click here for the Customized Telegram Questionnaire

COMING SOON: The questionnaire to spark ideas about someone you don't have a lot of information on ...

Same Day/Short Notice
Telegram Service

Character Telegrams may be done on short notice or the same-day depending on our availability. If you don't have time to provide customizing details, we can send our most popular telegram character Geeky Girl for some generalized high energy comedy centered around the recipient.

Contact FunTAZM about Rent-A-Nerd Telegrams by Email or
phone FunTAZM Toll Free: 1-866-FUN-TAZM (1-866-386-8296) to discuss the best option for your recipient!

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