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Professional Development Workshops

Would you like to create a better work environment?
Do you sometimes wish everyone was more productive?
Does having a stronger team and happier co-workers sound like a great plan?

We offer experiential workshops and inspirational keynote talks, with workshop sizes varying between 10 to 20 participants up to 80 and more in number. Our keynote talks, of course, are great for any size crowd. Our ultimate goal is to inspire all people towards better living through increased understanding, compassion, and respect for self and others.

All workshops are customized especially for your group to achieve your goals. You can choose separate modules or utilize their combined force in a Powerhouse Team Building Workshop that covers several interrelated topics necessary for building your team.

Times will vary according to your goals and group size. Most mini-modules are offered in half-day (3 hour) sessions.

We pride ourselves in offering options for people who have different needs. If you have a larger group, consider a Motivational Speaker who will inspire all listeners to better utilize all their available and known resources, and even find some that they haven't yet discovered!

We Travel Across North America

Where do you reside? We'd love to come to you!
We travel throughout Canada and in parts of the world outside of Canada. Contact us to find out what we can provide in your area!

*Additional charges apply for airfare and overnight accomodations where applicable.

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Professional Development Workshops

"Laughter Is The Best Medicine" (60 to 90 mins)

This introductory workshop is a great ice-breaker, putting your group at ease with easy to learn improv games combined with questions for reflection. This workshop is a great beginning to your seminar or conference, as an ice-breaker for groups that have worked together before or for those who are meeting for the first time. We will focus on having fun, laughing together, getting to know each other, and looking at the individual strengths within the team.

FunTAZ™mprov Team Building Workshops

Creating a strong team starts with the individual. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link". This workshop combines improv games and questions for reflection and group discussion in a progressive format to address key concepts of self, team, trust, communication, leadership, goals, individual and group achievements, team work, and cooperation in achieving goals together. This progressive program will build your team into a powerhouse team, one that everyone is happy to contribute to and proud to be a part of.

FunTAZ™mprov Team Building Workshops are offered in 4 progressive sessions.
Visit FunTAZ™mprov Team Building Workshops for program description.

Effective Communication: "Do You See What I'm Saying?"

Our unique personalities make for unique exchanges of information. During this workshop, participants will realize differences in communication styles and discover effective and ineffective ways to communicate so that the ultimate goal of understanding is achieved. Many issues are addressed, including creating the trust needed for open communication; perceived meaning versus actual intention; the power of our volume, inflection, tone, and the words we choose to express ourselves; the qualities in a good listener - hearing versus listening.

FunTAZ™mprov Communication Workshops are offered in 3 progressive sessions.
Visit FunTAZ™mprov Communication Workshops for program description.

Leadership: "Take Me To Your Leader" (2 hours+)

What does it take to be a leader and how can we inspire others to embrace our vision? What kind of leader are you? What kind do you want to be? The level of self-respect and confidence we have is evident to those who work with us and gives them faith in our ability to lead with grace. The more effective the leadership, the more effective the team under that leadership. It isn’t always easy being the leader, or the follower, but respecting our roles and the importance of every part of the team is rewarded when we achieve success together.

“One Just For Fun” (60 to 90 mins)

Put down the pen and paper, turn off the computer, set the message manager on your phone, and come and laugh with your co-workers! We’re going to play improv games for a short while, trusting our creative instincts to lead us away from our fast-paced work environment and take some time NOT to think! Ends with some inspirational food for thought.


  • “Go for the GOAL-D” Goal Setting Theory and Application (90 mins+)
  • “Meet me Halfway: Effective Meetings” (90 mins+)
  • "The Lost Art of Brainstorming" (90 mins)
  • “Conflict Resolution: Direct Application of a Solution” (3 hours+)

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