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Why can't anyone understand what I mean?
I'm saying it in plain terms, and in English.... aren't I?

Our unique personalities make for unique exchanges of information.
During our Communication Workshops and Training, participants will realize differences in communication styles and discover effective and ineffective ways to communicate. We all want to reach the ultimate goal of understanding! Many issues are addressed, including creating the trust needed for open communication; perceived meaning versus actual intention; the power of our volume, inflection, tone, and the words we choose to express ourselves; the qualities in a good listener - hearing versus listening.

Starting with the building blocks to make a solid foundation, our Communication Workshops are offered in three stages. All workshops are a combination of improv games, lecture, and group discussions and exercises.

Do you need to commit to all three Communication Modules? Yes. Communication components are built over time and with the approach of three separate workshops, your training is more effective. You wouldn't want a half baked pie, so why a half baked group? (for more reasons than just the pie analogy! ha ha ha)

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    General Training & Workshop Info

    We offer experiential workshops and inspirational keynote talks, with workshop sizes varying between 10 to 20 participants up to 80 and more in number. Our keynote talks, of course, are great for any size crowd. Our ultimate goal is to inspire all people towards better living through increased understanding, compassion, and respect for self and others.

    We pride ourselves in offering options for people who have different needs. If you have a larger group, consider choosing between a team building workshop with extra facilitators, or an inspirational speaker who will inspire all listeners to better utilize all their available and known resources, and even find some that they haven't yet discovered!

    Where do you reside? We'd love to come to you!
    We travel throughout Canada and in parts of the world outside of Canada. Contact us to find out what we can provide in your area!

    *Additional charges apply for airfare and overnight accomodations where applicable.

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