Graphic Design

That's FunTAZ™Shtick!

Would you like your advertising to stand out from other businesses?

Are you tired of looking at the same general idea being flushed out in 100 different ways?

We at FunTAZM would like to opportunity to show you what it looks like to design outside the box. With an overflowing well of creative juices, our ideas are ready and ripe for you to pick!

We offer Graphic design services for advertising (including brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, posters, CD covers, business cards, and more); logo creation, design, and development; website graphics and animated gifs; hand-drawn graphics as well as computer designed graphics; conversions to print medium; photo and image manipulation and improvement; and, in some cases, website design.

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General Creative Services Info

Welcome to the Creative Services Department of FunTAZM Entertainment. Here you will find links to more information about the services we offer in the fields of creative writing, proofreading, editing, and graphic design.

Writing Services include writing for television, video, newsletters, copy, and creative writing for other specialized projects. We also offer our expert service in Proofreading and Editing the content of your paid advertising - if you're going to spend that much money on it, better make sure it makes you look good!

Graphic Design Services include hand drawn design, computer created design, advertising items, brochures, business cards, CD covers, posters, photo and image manipulation and improvement, animated gif creation, and more.

Our creative services department is also your link to finding Production Services for theatrical and music productions, as well as Hand-painted Specialty Items and Original Artwork in various mediums.

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Check out some of the great items for sale in the FunTAZMarketplace, including T-shirts, CD's, posters, photos, books, and more. Use your FunTAZMoney in place of cash! (contact us to find out how)

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Website Design

Why a CSS template?

We like to design with a lot of graphics. You can see our past FunTAZM website that was uniquely designed with our own flair. Unfortunately, it was not search engine friendly since most of our key search words were in the format of originally designed graphics. So, we decided to switch to the CSS format you see here so that it would be search engine friendly, lightning quick to load, and with our full FunTAZMenu on each page.

We know that it is important for you to see the information rather than be impressed by our website design. Since we do want both, please take a moment to check out the past website design. It was cool and we will miss it (had a lot of compliments on it, as well).

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Origin of FunTAZM, FunTAZ™

Created 2001

Creator and originator of FunTAZM, plus the many FunTAZtic Ideas and FunTAZ™ derivitives, is Dawn Alexis Suchoboki. The original brainchild was developed prior to March 2001 and although created many months prior to the launch date for the website, FunTAZM celebrates its business anniversary on March 17th every year. The ideas quickly grew and developed, with the wordlore derived from the root "funtaz" growing to over 100 entries. Stay tuned for the e-book "FunTAZ™ictionary" which is an interesting and fun filled read, to say the least.

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